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It is time for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, again. This year, our local walk will be in¬†Ashland’s North Mountain Park during the Bear Creek Salmon Festival.¬†These photo walks are always a good chance to step outside of our normal or comfortable shooting environment. That is my first thought as I look through my own photos below; I was experimenting.

My hope is that this year’s photo walk will really set up a good opportunity for us to stretch ourselves in an area where so many of us struggle: people photos. This is a festival: lots of people will be out and about, cameras will be plentiful, and everybody’s guard will be down. We should have ample opportunity to catch photos of people without the awkwardness of us wondering if they mind us taking a photo. I am looking forward to the opportunities.

Enjoying each others photos after the photo walk.
Enjoying each others photos after the photo walk.

Your thoughts are clear, decisions made and known. A hope exudes from every word you say. And if you know, then let me ask one thing: Your hope, how does it last through this new change? What would you say to help us take this step Into the rest of life without you there?     to Robert Ernst, 2000-2018


A moment, a glance, and all time stops, Time stops for this moment to understand. Within this same moment is another time, A childhood of holiday memories Filling the air around this face: Christmas holidays, Climbing on the old feeder, Descending into the cellar world, Wading, empty-hooked, in a pond While his dad pulled in his 30th fish. I am not yet old, Yet he, younger than I, Already is gone. He knew how to live, He knew important deeds: To look you in the eye, Say “I love you” with goodbye. And here he looks again at me from the face of this little boy. I must live well and be ready for my end.


(American Daily Times, Washington D.C.) At 7:48 yesterday morning, Culture was gunned down while entering his workplace. Eye witnesses on the scene reported hearing the mimic of automatic gunfire, copied by the rat-tat of the tongue. The assailant does not seem to have any connection to the victim and reportedly walked on without any acknowledgement of the slaying. It is yet to be seen if this was a random attack on an innocent bystander or purposeful and targeted in some way. The victim walked on, but Culture’s bullet-riddled corpse lay unacknowledged on the concrete. Authorities have not responded to request for comment, and it remains unclear if the incident will be investigated.


Reaching to the sky to be accepted, To be close to the one he so loves. Nothing wrong, no comfort needed, Just to touch, to be near. Mother’s open arms reach to hold him, Straining to bear him aloft. Everything right, love freely given, Just to touch one so dear.


Freely you gave your home Relying on hospitality rather than money to feed the stranger. Ordering the peace of the home Manfully establishing stability. Could you have been the father I did not expect, Replacing the distance of my own? All the rough edges on the surface Purposefully obscuring the gentle interior. Putting forth a good word, Enjoined to your way of love, Rejoicing, we honor your memory.