Walkout for Gun Control

student walkout gun control medford oregon
Student take to the streets to express their concern about gun control.

Within us all, we carry a most precious gift: life. Today, students from all of Medford, Oregon’s high schools gathered together to reject the death that we see all too frequently. Look at them; they are all smiles. They did not gather to show anger, they did not gather to mourn the loss of people they know, thankfully. They are smiling because it feels good to celebrate the life within them. That is the best rejection of death, hate, threats, and fear.

I am not taking a political stand here. I am proud that they shared their message without anger or hate for the other side. I love to see the life in these kids and to see that they are speaking out, to the best of their ability, for life and against senseless death.

My toast to these students of North Medford High School, South Medford High School, St Mary’s School, and Central Medford High School:

To safety! To peace! To life!

gun control school shooting medford oregon
Students protest lax gun control laws and ask for action to help ensure safety from more school shootings.
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