Culture Gunned Down

(American Daily Times, Washington D.C.) At 7:48 yesterday morning, Culture was gunned down while entering his workplace.
Eye witnesses on the scene reported hearing the mimic of automatic gunfire, copied by the rat-tat of the tongue. The assailant does not seem to have any connection to the victim and reportedly walked on without any acknowledgement of the slaying. It is yet to be seen if this was a random attack on an innocent bystander or purposeful and targeted in some way.
The victim walked on, but Culture’s bullet-riddled corpse lay unacknowledged on the concrete. Authorities have not responded to request for comment, and it remains unclear if the incident will be investigated.

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  1. Ignatius Strange

    This was inspired by an incident were something very close to this happened to me. A teenager, who I did not know, “greeted” me on the sidewalk by pretend-shooting me with a fully-automatic handgun. It really made me think about the current state of culture in America.

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