Gentle in the Rough

Freely you gave your home
Relying on hospitality rather than money to feed the stranger.
Ordering the peace of the home
Manfully establishing stability.

Could you have been the father I did not expect,
Replacing the distance of my own?
All the rough edges on the surface
Purposefully obscuring the gentle interior.

Putting forth a good word,
Enjoined to your way of love,
Rejoicing, we honor your memory.

Ignatius Strange Written by:


  1. Ruth Knightstep

    Luther would have loved reading your poetry, Coop!! For such a big ol’ tough guy, he loved reading poetry just as much as I. He was an avid reader of Westerns, as well, and that goes hand-in-in-hand with poetry, as odd as that sounds! Thank you for remembering him in such a fond way!!
    –Ruthie K

  2. Ignatius Strange

    Thank you. I love that guy…and all of you. And thanks for feeding “the stranger,” though I was not always as complimentary as I should have been.

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