Worldwide Photo Walk in Salado

It is time for the Worldwide Photo Walk. It will be on October 13th, and our local group will be walking the quaint Village of Salado. Salado should provide plenty of interesting shooting, since it hosts of variety of artists itself, everything from musicians, to painters, to glass blowers. On top of that, Salado boasts quite an old and storied history for this part of the world. The buildings themselves tell a story which goes back many generations.

If you are wondering what a “photo walk” is, it is really just a good excuse to get out and take some pictures. I have never taken anything earth-shattering, but I have had fun, which tells me the photo walk is more about the people than the photos themselves. You can talk gear to folks who will not roll their eyes; you can ask questions about types of photography you have not tried yet; you can see a variety of perspectives and styles to approach the same subject matter.

If you would like to just shoot around and have some fun with other photographers, come join us in Salado. You can sign up on the Worldwide Photo Walk website for Salado.

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  1. 2012-08-16

    As of today, we already have ten people signed up for the walk, which is great. More than likely, though, those are the folks who know of Scott Kelby (the “driver of the show”, for lack of a better term) and follow him. Now, we have to tell others we know who would be interested and see who else we can bring along on the photo walk with us.

  2. Cooper Strange

    It was a bit strange this year, actually. In the past, we have had a couple people not show on the day of the walk, but this year, out of thirty signed up, only fifteen or so walked with us. No need to take it personally, I hope, but I just find it strange.

    Those of us who were there enjoyed it, I hope. And after two years of talking about taking some photo walks in between the yearly Worldwide Photo Walks, it seems it is finally about to come to fruition. So, if you are interested in joining up with us, just leave a comment below here, and we bring you in the fold.

  3. Cooper Strange

    Or, you could just show up. We will be focusing on natural light portraits. Our first walk will be 3Nov at 10am. We will meet at the giant boots at The Gin in downtown Belton, TX. Feel free to join us.

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