One Image with Two Lenses

Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter

Two faces, two expressions, but taken in one moment. This is exactly how I shot this image, no funky post processing. I was playing around with part of a lens from another camera and holding it in front of the lens attached to my camera.

The extra lens was just one, small group of lenses from an old rangefinder camera, thus, the lens was not nearly as wide in diameter as the lens on my camera and fit in there quite nicely. While playing around with macro shots, I accidentally found out I could aim it a slightly different direction from the main lens and capture something like you see above.

In this photograph, my daughter is in my wife’s arms, leaning against her face. It is not the technique which intrigues me about this photo, but how the technique seems to be (accidentally) executed perfectly, blending the two images together in such an emotionally revealing way.

Cooper Strange Written by: