Why Didn’t You Ask?

Ready to Roll
Ready to Roll

The ambulance came by the school the other day…that is another story, which I do not know. After all was taken care of, the guys were packing up to leave just as I was heading to lunch. Sure, my first thought was taking a photo, but just like most of us in a similar situation, I did not want to inconvenience them, or maybe, just did not have the “ganas”.

I turned around and headed out the door to the ambulance. They were a little confused at first…after all, I did walk out of a school with a camera, it did not all fit together. This guy’s answer was, “honestly, I don’t care,” as in, he did not care much if I took a photo.

So, we chatted a few minutes about all the somewhat graphic techniques they use on a daily basis. It was interesting to talk, and they did not seem like they were in much of a hurry. Eventually, I took this photo and was out.

The moral: it could not hurt to ask.

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