Starting the ChinaCoop PhotoBlog

After my first few years in China and bearing with the constant need to communicate with those back home, I started a website. These past few years of having the website, though, have made one thing clear: people want to see the photos. That works: I love taking them and others like viewing them. Therefore, this third version of the website (what I call the “PhotoCoop” version) has now come into being.

And what is with this “photosophy” stuff? Well, I will have many other categories, some focused on simple photography how-tos, some how we average folks can make our photos better, some about my photography here in China, and some about my “photosophy”. It is not really a philosophy, nor is “view of how to do photography” nearly catchy enough as a subject. So, I came up with “photosophy” or as I would like to translate it “the study of the way we see the world”.

And that is what will be talked about here. How do we (not just me, but all of you too…if you join in the conversation through the comments here) see the world? How do we capture that in pictures so we can communicate our view to others?

Ok, that is pretty high and mighty, I know. Sometimes, we will just talk about the nitty gritty as well: how to use software tools to our advantage, how to take better pictures, and such. So, come and join in the discussion with me.

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