Upon a Dream

Never have word and beauty so combined,
Saying what neither could if said alone;
Eyes hold me fixed from their first loving touch.

Your words of patience slay my hardened heart,
A sacrifice for love you have yet gained;
Aroma sweet burns off the dross of years.


You wait for me to move past pain and scars,
Yet here I stand with thought of no past wound;
This painful wound is seen by none but you.

Unknown but given just to bring you near,
You came with thoughts of healing pain and hurt,
And with your coming dawns my greatest hope.

With eye I see your beauty and appeal,
But heart will read the source of that desire:
A gentleness that brings forth patient grace.


Your constant grace is beauty unto me,
Fulfillment of our years is my sole sight;
I know no scars or pain of what has past.

To show shared fates, I draw you close to me,
Vulnerability is brought to naught
Unwittingly responding to love’s source.

Love promised fore the failure at the tree
And founded in Almighty’s bosom will
Obtain the seal of love’s great sacrifice.


Though words you speak speak not to present cares
Your meaning tells of ages worth of work
Brought to this moment: turning, joining all.

The colors and the strands that fill your speech
Come to perfection in your locked gold;
No memory of past brun pains can last.

Unlocked before my eyes: gold, never sought
But always needed, for my blackened heart;
Do I deserve such riches? Say I do.


My empathy for years spent urges me
To wait as you have waited for your day.
Yet should I hold fulfillment past its time?

No, I will let it come to my embrace
And fill my heart to all completion as
Its satisfaction’s found in sacrifice.

The future set, all time arranged beyond
What asking and imagining can see.
A dream: this beauty pictured in one night.


All sundered, unfulfilled, perfection split;
Confusion fogs a newly wakened eye,
What is and what is not, I have not found.

In likesame gentleness my God drew near
to bring courageous faith to move my heart
toward that one arrangement blessed by him.

For answer he has given a waking dream:
Unceasingly filled by him till the time
When golden treasure promised comes with grace.


Now, day dreaming of opened locks long closed,
Perceiving patience soothing with its words,
And eyes that always love, eyes never closed.

Cooper Strange Written by: