Photo Walking Temple Texas

We had a great time on the photo walk here in Temple. Well, I guess I should not speak for everybody, but I had fun, anyway. Shooting buildings and other non-living objects is not really my thing (and downtown Temple on a weekend, is not exactly a bustling capital), but I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to bring a few fellow photography lovers together. Here are a few of the photos from our walk in Temple.

Worldwide Photo Walkers 2010, Temple Texas

Aged Concrete

One of the beautiful aspects of photography is that is includes so many different approaches: everything from people to objects, the aesthetic to the technical, manipulated composite photos to purist unedited shots. A day like the Worldwide Photo Walk really is celebrating the love for photography more than one particular aspect of photography. And that social side of it was what I enjoyed…which is why I enjoyed the talk afterward much more than the shooting itself.

We walked sidewalks 100 years old, took photos of trains older still, visited a farmers market (where the sellers had been burnt by the local paper taking advantage of them making them quite camera shy), found some fun alleys for portraits, found beautiful angles on inspirational churches, and more.

Well, Scott Kelby ran into an albino boa constrictor on his walk, but about the only strange aspect of ours was the honor of cleaning bird poop off a poor little statue boy. He had done such a great job staying at attention even with birds resting on his arm, the least I could do was clean him up a little. Of course, it makes for better photos: black poop on the back of a bright white statue…no good. I am sure thankful the City of Temple included a nice pool of water for me. That is not the kind of thing you get away with unrecorded with ten cameras hanging around. I do not quite know if I should thank Rene Fernandez for taking this photo or not, but he was a great guy to have along on the walk. I hope to see everybody again soon…maybe we need some other local, photo walks?

Cooper the Super Duper Pooper Scooper (aka photowalk leader)
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