What Your Bumper Says

The Mysterious Will of God
The Mysterious Will of God

I am not necessarily trying to make a statement with this photo, though it is packed full of potential to say the least. More than anything else, it was just fun to take a photo of a wreck before the police arrived. I was actually directing traffic…I do not know if that is technically illegal, but it makes a lot of sense when the entrance to our elementary school was going to be inaccessible right at the end of school. So, once the traffic was moving ok, and the drivers were talking insurance, I snapped this photo.

Knowing what the bumper sticker actually says really makes the shot:

Jesus is Doing a New Thing

The point of impact in the bumper almost seems like a divine exclamation point. Could this be the new thing Jesus is doing? His will is most certainly mysterious and sometimes hard to understand. On the surface, a wreck does not seem like something God would do, but what if the wreck prevents a deadly wreck about to happen? Or what if it is something as simple as a humbling experience for the driver? Humility is good and probably more important to God than the condition of our cars.

Oh wait, I said I was not going to try to use this to push across some point. I officially rescind any official position on the meaning of this photograph. You will just have to enjoy it on your own.

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