This I Believe

I believe that we carry more within us than we know.

The more I hear the monotonous drone of scientific surveys about the incredible untapped potential of the human brain, though they may be true, or how this or that little trait adapted in some ancient sea creature to allow it to walk up on the ground, the more I think about all the aspects of the human which science cannot tell us. Are feelings really just a mix of this and that pheromone? Is the human soul just a complex creation of our imagination? Truly, there is much more within us than we know.

I believe we have common traits that reflect our creator.

Have you ever noticed faces in the things around us? My favorite is the front of cars with headlights like eyes and grills like a mouths. And somehow the little coat hangers on the inside of bathroom stalls always looks like a long-nosed Pinocchio or sometimes somebody smoking a cigar. So, humans have made things that look like humans. I think that in the same way we reflect our creator.

I believe that one of those traits is our love of beauty.

It is just too obvious to say that we all love beauty, right? Now, I am not just talking about people and what we consider to be beautiful. Think more of a community coming together to encourage and take care of somebody dying of cancer. That is a beautiful thing. Or maybe an unknown somebody dropping what they are doing to help carry a heavy box: that is such a simple, but beautiful thing. We would all have to agree that these are good. We all have that common idea in us, and it has nothing to do with genetic traits or chemical balances. That is a glimpse of our creator.

I believe we are made to live, not die.

We do not make machines to break, right? Sure, they break down, have problems, and need maintenance, but they are designed to work. In this, we see two common characteristics of our creator. One, we are given life; we are not made just to live a few years then die; that is not the design. And two, the problems, the bad stuff are not in the design.

Ignatius Strange Written by: