The Beauty of a Moment – My Wedding Portfolio

I am just now beginning to face the brute reality of setting up as a photographer here in the Temple-Belton-Killeen. When I lived in Asia, I did not really have to advertise that I did weddings: because I was not a local, I did not really have the style the locals like, and among friends and coworkers, those who wanted me knew where to find me. Not so here in the US. I have to make myself known, and figured it was a good time to create my first wedding photography portfolio:

the beauty of a moment - wedding portfolio

This really was a joy to put together. Not only does each photo bring back memories for me, because I know these people, they are friends and family, but it just sparks an excitement within me that makes me wonder what photographic adventure is around the corner. Who will I meet? What stories to I get to tell? And from the depths of my heart: how can I serve?

Weddings are so very important. I guess it is a bit silly to even say that, but I have seen so many weddings that just deserved some good photos but could not afford a nice photographer or assumed the expensive photographer they hired was up to the job. There are certainly different photographic styles. Some people do not care about photos (or don’t think they do till they do not have them). Each couple needs to find a photographer that will fit their needs.

I know, right out of the blocks, that I will not be the right guy for everybody…and that is ok by me. That is why I made this portfolio to show examples of my work, to give people a feel of how I would cover a wedding, and to let them see what they can expect.

Most of these wedding photos are already in the gallery section of the website. So, obviously being online while reading this, you have access to more photos than I would want to stuff in a portfolio anyway. I will have to admit, though, I love photos on paper. A photo on the web can rarely convey what a fine print can.

So, here’s to the beginning of my American wedding photography journey.

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