Strange Concepts’s X-Kitchen

I had assumed until now that China was more conducive to producing laughable stories than my homeland, but I have been shown how foolish a thought that was. After a week and half of being home, traveling here and there, seeing friends and family, I headed down to visit the home of my brother and sister-in-law down in Waco. The week before we, the family, had all been on vacation together at a lake where we have vacationed for years. This is where the story begins.

While on vacation, Cheri, my sister-in-law, was telling us of a mishap just before she left Waco to come to our vacation spot. She has a standing rule of not leaving on a trip with dirty dishes in the house–not a bad rule, if you ask me. Well, just before she needed to leave, she filled the washing machine, and grabbed for the soap, but there was none to be found. Thinking more of dishes than problems, she figured liquid dish soap, for handwashing, would serve well enough. It might have worked, had she not filled both holders. To cut the preliminary story short, within seconds, the washer had suds pushing out the sides. With toddler and infant ready to leave, she finally gave up and broke her rule of not leaving on a trip with dirty dishes in the house.

Well, now it is one week later, and I just happened to be with her the first time she arrived back after the dish washer incident. Visiting for a couple days, I was privaledged to witness their problem solving skills at work. As I did a few things around the house, I listened to them as they stood in front of the dish washer trying to figure a way to fix their problem. When I finally went in there, I saw them using towels to soak up as much soap as they could from the bottom of the washer, but that was not really bringing them any closer to the goal.

Then, Chad, enabled with seven years of medical education, began to think, “What kills bubbles?” He then comes up with the most hair-brained, medicalhome repair I have ever heard. In his line of work, Gas-X™ is the place to turn for bubble relief. He has some in the house–my intention is not to divulge sensitive medical information, and I have permission to speak of this particular medicine, but that does not necessarily mean anybody in that household has gas–and obviously was desperate enough for a solution to the washer suds to try it out. First, he cut one of the liqui-caps and squirted Gas-X™ into the bottom of the dish washer. I was really enjoying the whole scene, talking up how improbable this theory was: I would guess it would fight completely different chemicals in the acidic stomach and with basal so. Then, with some of the Gas-X™ that had run onto his finger, he ran his finger through a cup full of suds. If you are following me at all, you will see how improbable this is, but, lo and behold!, the suds instantly reacted to the small amount on his finger.

Then, as he cut up five more liqui-caps and squirted them into the botton of the dish washer, I laughed in nervous disbelief; this seemed too comical and ridiculous to really be happening. They closed the washer and started the cycle with the most agitation. Chad and Cheri sat on the floor staring at the washer; I stood, slowly munching on animal crackers with eyes wide open. We waited for suds to start pushing out. We all said little besides, “This is too crazy to actually believe,” while fixing our eyes on the edges, but to no avail. Eventually, the cycle ended, and Chad opened the door. There were semi-clean, Gas-X™ed dishes, but not a bubble of soap to be found.

“Nobody is impressed if you know what other people know. You must dedicate yourself to knowing what nobody knows.”
    —Chad D. Strange, M.D.


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