Real Life Produces the Best Portraits

Life itself is a wealth of portrait opportunities. It does not have to be set up to be good.

An excellent portrait in my book has little to do with technical perfection, trick lighting, or a formulaic set up. An excellent portrait is a glimpse at a person, tells a story, reveals something of the subject’s character, or allows you to understand the subject better. As such, a good portrait might well be in a studio, but quite likely will not, because the subject likely will be more comfortable in a familiar setting, and just maybe, a particular setting could bring out something unexpected.

There is, of course, much we can all learn, there are little tips and tricks, but much of portrait photography comes down to just doing it. Trying to make the photo happen, then just letting it happen. Emulating a popular style, then doing it the good old fashioned way. Focusing on technique, then working to capture that one expression.

More than anything else, I hope the upcoming class will be an encouragement to experiment. If interested, classes will be Wednesdays in February, 5:30-7:00pm, all for only $35 for all four classes. To sign up for the class, call Temple Parks & Leisure at (254)298-5740. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

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