Noodles in the Morning

Why is steam so interesting? That and fire just make we want to take photographs. I tried a shot of steam from a morning bowl of noodles the other day. It is not the best, but I keep shooting steam shots trying to find tricks to pulling it off a little better.

street noodles in the morning

I really like the dark foreground, a little bit of dark wood coloring here and there, and the nice blue accents off the noodle lady’s apron. I love to open up my f/stop and really focus on just one small section of a photo, which you can see here by looking out how totally out of focus the fore and background are.

However, the sunlight off the car directly behind the steaming noodles really steals the glory from the steam itself. I needed a darker background, but there is little I could do about that. Well, I could have moved around more to get rid of that, but really, I was in the only available path of view.

Cooper Strange Written by: