New Workshop on the Basics of Photography

fundamentals of photographic technique

Do you see good photo ops, but just cannot seem to make the camera capture it like you see it? Photography is half creativity and half technique, and without a firm grasp on the technical side of how our cameras capture photographs, we can only hope our cameras take the photo we want. We will learn about light, how our cameras capture it, and the limitations and creative potential unique to photography.

You can sign up online through Temple Parks & Leisure (click “Online Registration” > “Programs” and search for “photography”), but it is not the most user friendly. I would just call the Wilson Park Recreation Center at (254)298-5740. If you want to ask any questions about the workshop, maybe what exactly we will be covering, how we will be covering it, or whatever other question you might have, the best place is just below in the comments.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Brock

    Thanks for getting this up. There should be a press release hitting the paper tomorrow.

  2. 2011-05-06

    Thanks, Brock. It dawned on me yesterday that most university students will be done with their classes this week and the timing works in quite well with their summer. It has mainly been young professionals up until now.

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