Everyday Portrait Photography Class

I will soon have the pleasure of leading some photography classes here in Temple, Texas, and I wanted to start off with the most useful topic possible [note: I did want to start with portraits, but due to some miscommunication between me and Temple Parks, we will do the portrait workshop in February]. How many of us would not appreciate being able to take better photos of our family and friends? The vast majority of our photos are of people, yet photographing people can prove to be one of the most difficult photographic pursuits.

The focus of the workshop will not be to cram technical information…as if portrait photography were as simple as learning some formulaic technique anyway. The focus is to turn simple tips into habits through doing. We will identify the problems plaguing our pictures, learn the fix, and practice that fix enough that we all but eliminate the problem. In practicing people photography together, we will learn from each others’ mistakes, and take that next step in becoming more able photographers.

If you live near Temple, Texas, come join us. The class will be run through the City of Temple Parks & Leisure Department. We will meet every Wednesday in January February from 5:30-7:00pm. To sign up for the class, call Temple Parks & Leisure at (254)298-5740.

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  1. 2011-01-03

    I just found out the schedule for the January and February workshops was switched on some of the literature from Temple Park & Leisure (including the website where folks can sign up). So, I will try to iron that out, because it really would be nice to keep the portrait class first.

  2. 2011-01-03

    Indeed, the classes were publicized opposite of what I thought they were going to be. So, since some have already signed up, I need to change my plans. This Everyday Portrait Photography class will be in February and January will be “The Other Side of Photography” where we will explore the technique or nuts and bolts of photography.

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