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I have really gone through a rebirth in my photography, especially in the last month or so. I have heard folks say, “Well, of course I cannot carry around the big, clunky SLR camera everywhere, so I just take the compact camera.” Once I had heard that enough times, I started believing that the SLR is not worth taking out for everyday shots.

Sometime earlier this month, I finally said “fooey!” to those thoughts and actually started carrying the camera around with me, pretty much everywhere I go. I have gotten some funny looks, but I have also gotten some great photographs. Here is a photograph that never would have happened had I not just had the camera on hand while waiting for my wife in the market.


Why is steam so interesting? That and fire just make we want to take photographs. I tried a shot of steam from a morning bowl of noodles the other day. It is not the best, but I keep shooting steam shots trying to find tricks to pulling it off a little better.