Simple Games are the Best

girls playing

I remember making “dirt pies” in a pot I had buried out behind my grandparents’ place and then endless hours of fun on an old cattle feeder. So, something about the simplicity of the fun that I saw here made me want to take a shot. Of course, you cannot see much, but a few neighborhood girls are using a small cart as a makeshift teeter-totter.

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  1. 2007-06-18

    Now that I look at this photo again, trying to look from the eyes of you viewers, I wonder a bit about the choice to shoot this girl almost in a silhouette. She and her friends were playing under the shade of the buildings and the background was quite bright. So, I decided to just accentuate the lighting conditions there already.

    I was never going to get well-lit faces, unless I go buy that flash I so desire. With this, though, I like the subtle lighting hint of a smile she has on, yet the darkness leaves us completely undistracted by whatever might have been in those dark areas.

  2. Trajan Lester

    Hey thats cool! You talked about the almost silhouette of the girl but still being able to see the hint of a smile… I was going for that exact same thing of a woman on a bus during my recent trip up to zhongdian! I got a fairly nice photo too, but my memory card was full after that day of shooting, so I put all my photos on a friends computer and then cleared my card as we were going for a hike the next day and wanted the free space. My plan was to email myself my favorite shots from that batch (that silhouette shot included), but little did I know the internet up there was having problems!

  3. 2007-06-23

    When I first bought my camera, I shot JPG, and rarely had a problem with filling up the card (yes, one card only). Now that I shoot raw format, I have really had to beef up my collection of cards, my mainstay being Transcend’s 2GB, 120x CF cards. Running out of memory is a major pain, so we have to be prepared.

  4. Trajan Lester

    Yes, that is very true… only a slight problem though. I’m still paying off my debt for the camera itself! But besides that, SD cards are the next thing on my list.

  5. 2007-06-25

    It is an expensive hobby, no doubt! I try to keep things as cheap and simple as possible, but still, I spent quite a bit of time today just hunting down a bargain replacement for little odds and ends for the camera…like a replacement LCD cover for the one I cracked then lost. There is always something, huh!

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