Plastic Still Life

plastic still life

My wife nor I can really remember who took this shot. We were at a friend’s house, and goofing around with each other’s camera. I had fitted his 70-200mm, if I remember correctly, zoom on my camera and had taken several shots. I am pretty sure my wife took this.

When I saw it, there was just something different about it. For one, it is still life flowers, but the flowers are fake. So, they already have that “unlike reality” sense to them. Then, I played with the luminocity in my raw editor, and the contrast and brightness in my JPG editor, to bleach out the background some and make it even more non-realistic. It feels like a painting of real flowers to me. I like it.

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  1. Trajan Lester

    Hey, that’s cool! Yeah, it does look like a painting or graphic design or something. Is that the luminocity? By the way what exactly is luminocity?

  2. 2007-06-07

    Um, good question. The UFRaw website says that changes on the “corrections” tab apply to the luminosity channel in Lch(ab) space. For those of us who do not speak Digicamese, can I get that in English?

    Well, I am no specialist, I just know what it does to my photos. But using a little common sense and experience with the program, it seems to isolate certain colors and/or areas of brightness and allow you to change the intensity of that brightness. It can really help with contrast, but when used to an extreme, can create some strange affects like the one above.

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