Hip Shot on the Bus

chatting on the bus with friends

My last entry was a hip shot, and when I shot this, I could not help think of that last one. So, I figured I would post them together. This one, though, I did not try to manual focus (shooting from the hip is hard enough, much less tryign to manual focus with a wide open f/stop and a narrow field in focus). I was shooting no more than half a meter away from this lady’s face.

Of course, the first negative is the bright background. Some of the other shots did not have this bright background, but I just like her face the best in this shot.

That is really why I felt a desire to take these shots: her face. She and her friend were carrying on a very animated conversation, regardless of the fact that they were initially several seats away. And not only voices were passing between them: in true Chinese style, they were offering each other food and smiles as well. The situation caught my attention, but her face was what caused me to subtly take the lens cap off and give these a try.

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