Army General and Civil Servant

Bust of General Robert M. Shoemaker, US Army, Retired

Today was graduation day for Robert M. Shoemaker High School in Killeen, Texas, named for he retired Army General who not only has a truly impressive military record, but even after retiring has continued to serve his local community. I have been working the past few weeks at Shoemaker High School as a short-term assistant band director, and not only has the high school taken me in as one of their own, but even in a short time, I have seen this man, General Shoemaker, several times at various school activities, and begun to understand the grandfather relationship he has with the students of his name sake high school.

The senior class gift to the school this year was a bust of General Shoemaker. I had the privilege of sitting at the general’s feet throughout the ceremony, down in the orchestra pit, only five feet or so from the general and Major General Grimsley (the commander of Ft. Hood in Killeen), close enough, in fact, to enjoy over-hearing their conversation and the respect Major General Grimsley also obviously has for General Shoemaker.

So, in honor of a life lived in hard work and service to the community, and thereby also in honor of the many graduates today who bear his name on their diploma and in their hearts, I share the photo above. Thank you Shoemaker High School. It has been a great few weeks.

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